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6 Boxes - 8" Bayberry Candles

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True Bayberry Candles burned to bring good luck on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve since the tradition started over 3 centuries ago in New England. 

These old-fashioned, hand-dipped 8" taper candles are made using a carousel dipping wheel from 1850. Each candle is hand-strung by the Helsher Family. 

The first 25 dips of each candle are in 100% pure bayberry wax and the last 3 dips are in 80% pure bayberry and 20% beeswax.

The wax is direct from the wax coating of the berries on the Bayberry shrub. 

Museums, businesses large & small, and families all over America have been enjoying Helsher House True Bayberry candles since 1974.