True Bayberry Candles Meet Modern Technology

When I first met Doreen, I was dipping candles the way it was done in the 1800's, but I was also living in the 1800's. Apart from candle making, one of my earlier pursuits was running at night. 

Eventually, my routine became that after running, Doreen would set up a card table in the living room to write the candle wrappers for the next day orders. She'd sit with a calligraphy dipped pen while listening to Johnny Carson on in the background. I was also handwriting every invoice and manually keeping the books on spread sheets. Once I came to my sense, I let Doreen employ the modern tools of the day (PCs were a big deal) to save us both time and headaches. Soon we had printed out beautiful wrapper labels and box tops with full color custom logos for whatever store we were shipping to. Once Doreen took over the bookkeeping on her computer, all I had to do was dip candles until Doreen became ill.

She tried to teach me everything she was doing with the business on her computer but my only experience with computers had been big metal things that used punched out cards with BASIC language. Needless to say it was a rocky start. I managed and eventually every part of the business was done by the computer except the dipping. 

If I am going to start a blog, I have to first thank Doreen for insisting I bring my candle-making into the 21st century. It was the best business decision I ever made. 

This is my first blog after 47 years of bayberry candle making.  I want to thank all those who helped us survive and progress. Stay tuned for more!