The Origin of Bayberry Candles

The story of the origin of Bayberry Candles burning in the United States goes back to Plymouth Plantation and the first colonists. When early settlers landed on the coastal United States, they brought sought to utilize the fruits of nature and this applied to all aspects of life. 

Along the sandy coast of Massachusetts they came across a berry bush with a waxy coating on it's fruits. Candles from tallow were the most abundant during this time period but unfortunately, they left behind an undesirable odor. 

When they harvested the wax from the bayberry bush and made it into a candle, they found it's fragrance to be sweet, fruity, and considerably better then the alternative. 

Hence the bayberry candle made it's way into American traditions and where it remains to this day.

Traditionally, 1, 8" bayberry candle will burn for about 1.5 hours and be burnt all the way to the socket on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. This ensures the household good fortune in the year to come!