The House of The Seven Gables and Nancy Fallon

The very first museum store we made candles for was The House of The Seven Gables in Salem, Mass.  The manager of the store was Nancy Fallon, who, like all the museum store managers I would soon discover, was a wonderful person to do business with..  Nancy made her store our best selling customer and one day, while she was placing an order, asked if we had heard about the Museum Store Association.  She sent me all the information.  Back then, you could become an approved vendor if you sold to 3 museum stores for 5 years.  After 5 years, you were rated on quality of work, shipping orders on time and if your craft sold.  The 3 museums we were given were The House of The Seven Gables, the Mercer Museum in Bucks County, PA. and Pennsbury Manor ( William Penn's house) in Morrisville, PA.  After 5 years we were approved and became the candle makers for about 400 museum stores.  We never again had to search for customers.  It was all handed to us by Nancy Fallon, who I spoke with for about 25 years, but never met.  Thanks, Nancy wherever you are now.